Complex of chopping wood pallets
WEIMA WL 18 / 75 kW (Germany)



Material Different types of wood pellets
Size of material Approximately 800х1000mm
Features of material Used pallets, without other objects contaminated with dust, sand, with nails
Supply material Feeding  tape conveyor, unloading tape
Productivity 1500-1600 kg/h, sieve 30mm, in chopping of whole pallets
1000-1100 kg/h, sieve20mm, in chopping of whole pallets

Note: by grinding large pieces of wood chips and pieces of wood length to 200 mm, productivity - 2500-3000 kg/h on 30mm sieve

Desired size of parts sieve 30 mm (90%, length to 30mm, width to 10mm)
Amount of work area Three shifts


Technical features WL 18 / 75 kW

Hole of hopper 1.800 x 1.500 m
Volume of hopper 2,8 m3
Working width of rotor 1.800 mm
Rotor diameter 368 mm
Engine 75 kW
Speed of rotor 105 revs/min
Amount of knifes 100 piece
Type of knifes concave / 40 x 40 mm, reversible cutting edges
Size cells of sieve 20 or 30 mm
Power 400 V +/- 5% / 50 Hz
Weight Near 5.800 kg
Price, $ 139 200,00

* Price including unloading tape conveyor, ferrite (magnetic) drum unloading belt conveyor stationary magnetic separator 205 $ 750.00.

Model WLK 25 Jumbo / 110 kW (productivity on pallets 4.6 t / h) fully complectation 341 000,00 $.

Main features:

High crusher company WEIMA, have flexible use, and can be effectively used for the crushing volume of wood waste. Crusher can process wood pallets, lump wood, chipboard, MDF, plywood, soft or hard wood.

Thanks to improved technology you get chips and a huge decline. The resulting chips can be used for heating or producing fuel pellets and briquettes.

Thanks to the different options and a lot of options available chopper Weima can be used in the processing industry, which can significantly reduce the amount of different materials such as paper, cardboard, etc.

Prices are under the FCA-Badivka.

60% down payment, in fact ready before leaving the remaining 40%.

Execution order of 75-90 days.

Trademark Biofuel Equipment offers:

Design, manufacture, and sale of equipment drying complexes, lines for pelleting and briquetting of biomass productivity from 0.4 to 10 t / h, the finished product. Energy-saving technologies for sugar, juice, canning, agricultural, woodworking and other industries. Installation. Education. Warranty. Production of parts and metal structures of any complexity. Transportation services.

Name of utilize waste our factories:

low-grade wood, firewood, lagging, rack, wood chips, shavings, sawdust, baled, roll and chopped straw, all kinds of herbs, all kinds of hulls, peat, chicken manure, pig manure, lignin, sapropel, and all kinds of marc and bagasse, ground biomass, waste of elevators etc., with humidity up to 60%. 

The advantage of buying equipment in our company is:

  • energy-saving technologies for sugar, juice, canning, agricultural, wood, and other industries;
  • a full range of design, construction, equipment supply, construction, installation supervision and commissioning, staff training;
  • license for the design, construction, installation, wiring, and other works; 
  • full certification of equipment;
  • officially registered trade mark; 
  • full warranty, post warranty and service;
  • warranty on all equipment - from 12 to 24 months; 
  • ratio of price-quality-warranty;
  • we are the first in Commonwealth Union, who launched an integrated plant for the production of solid fuel;
  • vast project experience (last 5 years, we have established and put into operation, 52 of complex plant productivity on the finished product from 0.4 to 5 t / h);
  • implementation of projects in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Moldova; 
  • can supply new / used, after repair, imported equipment;
  • large stock of finished equipment and spare parts;
  • all equipment of our production, equipped with electric motors and gearboxes, that made in Italy and Germany; 
  • 4 mobile, independent and autonomous, installation-service teams; 
  • own vehicle fleet, consisting of 14 units of different technics;
  • recognition of us by reliable partners, such branded organizations as EBRD, Nefco, CPM Europe, Munch, Graff, etc.;
  • industrial base (5 ha.) - private property; 
  • the number of workers - 48 people; 
  • we solve problems of any complexity in the manufacture of solid biofuels, pellets, drying all kinds of waste, and execute the orders of "turnkey".


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